Letter Mix
Posted: 2015-06-08 – Tags: letters words scrabble puzzle game balloons

In this simple point and click game you have to pop balloons in order to write a word. Each balloon carries a random letter, starts at the bottom of the screen and moves to the top. The objective is simple: Write and submit a valid word before the timer reaches zero. Any entry in the Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary is a valid word. Please note that it contains no words over 8 letters. It's extremely rare and difficult to build valid 7 or 8 letter words within 1 minute, so if you find my game not challenging enough, stop submitting 2 or 3 letter words every Tom and his dog is submitting. Be creative, unleash your "word power" and score high!

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Cosmic Collisions
Posted: 2015-04-23 – Tags: action shooter space game asteroids

Here's a game I'm quite proud of having finished, eventually! I did not work on it for about 6 months or so, since I got sidetracked, as so often in life :-) So it was on my "shelf" quite a while, half finished and collecting dust. But I came back, giving it a go again, and I think the final result is nothing to sneeze at. The objective of the game is to sustain energy for your ship by collecting yellow energy items, while at the same time avoiding red energy items, and the tumbling asteroids. Click your left mouse button, or press the space bar, to reverse the polarity of your ship's magnetic field in order to attract or repel energy items. Your ship is equipped with a self-defense mechanism, a powerful lightning weapon that gets upgraded every 5th level and destroys all asteroids within a specific range, one after another. Along the way, pick up smart bombs to destroy all asteroids on screen. Much time has gone into this game project, and I'd be more than happy if you like my latest game. By the way, I published it at the Newgrounds game portal, the granddaddy of all video hosting services. It's a terrific site where you can upload not only games, but also artwork, video and audio files. Registered users can leave a review and rate my latest game. There are also 37 medals to earn, and you can perpetuate your name in the "Hall of Fame" :-)

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The Return of Snake
Posted: 2014-02-26 – Tags: classic snake puzzle game remake

As you can see, I'm quite obsessed by Snake ;-) If you find my last snake game not interesting enough or too boring, here's a more challenging, fast-paced version with a catchy background tune. It's definitely fun to play (at least for me :-) and gets increasingly difficult. The faster you eat the red apples the higher your time bonus will be. I dare to say that the average teenage player with difficulty in concentration and bad hand-eye coordination will never get beyond level 15, if ever they will reach it! What a shame! Nevertheless, give it a try and don't blame the game if you fail very fast. You just need more practice :-)

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Posted: 2014-01-18 – Tags: classic snake puzzle game remake

Do you know the classic snake game? I'm sure early Nokia mobile phone users have fond memories of it since it came as standard on their phones. Check out this flash version I made. Navigate the snake around the screen with the directional keys and try to eat the red apples to gain points. But be careful. You die by running into a wall, or running into yourself. When the snake is rather long, a green apple occasionally appears. Eat it and the snake will shrink to default size. However, you will be punished for that. The next apple you pick up is worth only 10 points, just as at the beginning of the game.

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Asteroids Unleashed
Posted: 2013-11-28 – Tags: action shooter space game asteroids

Have you ever played Atari's coin-op hit Asteroids? I was quite addicted to that game but never scored high. Maybe the reason was that you couldn't upgrade your weapon no matter how far you progressed. Of course, I knew the strategy of blasting every rock until you have one small rock left and then hunting the small saucers. But that took a long time and was quite nerve-wracking. So I created an Asteroids clone where you can upgrade your weapon to a 3-way spread shot when you shoot 5 enemy ships in a row. Shoot 5 enemy ships again and you can upgrade to a 5-way shot. But it gets better. Try to keep your upgraded weapons and you'll get two additional shots when you complete level 30.

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Posted: 2013-03-12 – Tags: action shooter space game asteroids droids

The object of the game is to destroy as many asteroids and space droids as possible, and keep your ship in space as long as possible. Use your mouse to maneuver your ship through space while auto-firing photon torpedoes at the asteroids and space droids. When an asteroid is hit, it may just break up into smaller pieces, or it may be completely pulverized. When a space droid is hit, it may drop a space mine on you. Also, it may be firing torpedoes at you. Use your left mouse button to activate your defensive shield.

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