The Return of Snake
Posted: 2014-02-26 – Tags: classic snake puzzle game remake

As you can see, I'm quite obsessed by Snake ;-) If you find my last snake game not interesting enough or too boring, here's a more challenging, fast-paced version with a catchy background tune. It's definitely fun to play (at least for me :-) and gets increasingly difficult. The faster you eat the red apples the higher your time bonus will be. I dare to say that the average teenage player with difficulty in concentration and bad hand-eye coordination will never get beyond level 15, if ever they will reach it! What a shame! Nevertheless, give it a try and don't blame the game if you fail very fast. You just need more practice :-)

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Hi, my name is Martin and in my spare time I like to create computer games, especially games powered by Adobe Flash. On the left you can find my latest game I found worth publishing. I will add more over time, and when time allows. In the meantime be sure to check out my current games :-)

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